Conferences and Panels

ACJ Decatur Book Festival – 2 panels on the Sisters in Crime/Southeast Mystery Writers of America stage (September 2017)
Killer Nashville – You’ve Got 5000 Words, How to Write Short Stories; Many Roads To There: Career Milestones; The Many Faces of Cozy (August 2017)
Malice Domestic – Small Stories in a Big World – (April 2017)
Short Story Workshop – Atlanta Sisters in Crime – Conflict (October 2016)
Bouchercon – Knowing You, Knowing Me – Cozy Mysteries (September 2016)
ACJ Decatur Book Festival Mysteries, Murder & Mayhem (September 2016)
Killer Nashville – Social Issues (August 2016)
Police Writers Academy (August 2016)
Alabama Writers Conclave (July 2016)
Malice Domestic – Group Dynamics: Sharing Detection (April-May 2016)
Sleuthfest – Secrets and Lies in Small Towns; “Tell Me Lies: Writing the Unreliable Narrator” (February 2016)
Murder on the Menu – Why Did Johnny Have to Die? Motivation (February 2016)
Murder in the Magic City – Social Issues in Cozy Mysteries (February 2016)
Bouchercon – Choice of Point of View Panel (October 2015)
Killer Nashville – Using Short Stories and Articles to Promote Your Novel and Writing Short Stories and Flash Fiction Panels (October 2015)
Malice Domestic – Academic Mysteries (May 2015)
Killer Nashville – Short Story Panel (August 2014)
Malice Domestic – Social Issues (May 2014)
Sleuthfest (February – March 2014)
Killer Nashville – On The Record (August 2013)
Malice Domestic – Acadmic Mysteries (April 2012)
Murder in the Magic City – Taking What You Know and Turning it Into Murder (February 2012)
AJC Decatur Book Festival – Emerging Authors Stage (September 2011)