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The Sarah Blair Mysteries


Four Cuts Too Many

Sarah Blair gets an education in slicing and dicing when someone in culinary school serves up a main corpse in Wheaton, Alabama…

Three Treats Too Many - Debra H Goldstein

Three Treats Too Many

When a romantic rival opens a competing restaurant in small-town Wheaton, Alabama, Sarah Blair discovers murder is the specialty of the house . . .

Two Bites Too Many[7878]

Two Bites Too Many

Far from a domestic goddess, Sarah Blair would rather catch bad guys than slave over a hot stove. But when a dangerous murder boils over in Wheaton, Alabama, catching the killer means leaving her comfort zone . . .

One Taste Too Many-small[6344]

One Taste Too Many

For culinary-challenged Sarah Blair, there’s only one thing scarier than cooking from scratch—murder . . . “A page-turner.” —Barbara Ross, author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries

Other Novels


Should Have Played Poker

A Carrie Martin and the Mah Jongg Players Mystery

Maze in Blue by Debra H. Goldstein

Maze in Blue

A Real Whodunit — “Headlines scream: ‘University of Michigan Co-ed Murdered’ and the intrigue and mystery begin.

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