Harlequin Worldwide Mystery Edition – Featured May 2014

Harlequin Worldwide Mystery Edition Featured May 2014

“Headlines scream: “University of Michigan Co-ed Murdered” and the intrigue and mystery begin. Maze in Blue is a real whodunit and will keep readers guessing until the final pages.”
– Joyce Norman, Chalet Publishers, LLC

Excerpt from Maze in Blue:

100_Maze_in_blueThere was no question that Denney adhered to the give-and-take rules of friendship her mother had drilled into her head when she was a kid, but after being at Michigan, her definition of friendship had been refined. To Denney, a true friend was there when you had the proverbial bad hair day. A true friend dealt with your PMS moments and a friend was there when you broke up with your boyfriend (the mystery man Denney still was waiting to find).

Most importantly, friends didn’t kill friends.

© Copyright 2015 Debra H. Goldstein

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