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Mystery Author Roadshow - Scrawl Books

“Featuring Ellery Adams, Libby Klein and Debra H Goldstein - Share in the fun of Libby launching her new Poppy McAllister book, Antique Auctions are Murder. Debra and Ellery will give sneak previews of their upcoming books, Five Belles Too Many and Mint Condition Murder. Join in the fun - Giveaways!”

Capitol Crimes

Capitol Crimes - Mystery Writers Virtual Panel with Wanda Morris and Roger Johns - May 14.

Five Belles Too Many

It’s Not Always a Mystery…

…to know what Debra and her friends are thinking about. Read Debra’s Blog.

What Happens When a Writer Gets Bored

By Kassandra Lamb I bore easily, which isn’t always a good thing. About a third of my closet is full of impulse buys that I liked because they were “something different,” but then only wore a few times. They varied a little too much from my normal style. This tendency to bore easily is part …

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Love and Valentine’s Day

When I think about Valentine’s Day, which today is, I think about it in a commercialized sense. Although the holiday’s origin is related to two saints, I had to look that up on Wikipedia. I’m more familiar with the cards, boxes of heart shaped candy, special dinners, and even boxers with cupids and hearts that …

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When Setting is Also Character

By C. Hope Clark The most enticing books for me to read spin setting into character. In other words, the story wouldn’t be nearly as delicious without a well-defined sense of place. Even more so if the story couldn’t exist without that specific locale. If a story is in Los Angeles, then it needs to …

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