Defining Perfection by Debra H. Goldstein

traveling-womanThank goodness my local cleaner offers one day service!  Since the May release of Should Have Played Poker, I’ve been traveling so much I often have to lie in bed for a moment to remember which direction the bathroom is in.  So far, I’ve been successful in having clean clothing and proper orientation.

Signings and conferences have kept me on the road to Nashville, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Green Bay, Atlanta, Huntsville, Anniston, New Orleans, and other places.  I’ve experienced flight delays that included the famous Delta shutdown, as well as mechanical problems that afforded me an extra night in Green Bay. I’ve been uniformly treated like a queen in bookstores that either ordered my books in advance so all I had to do was put out my swag and uncap my pen and funny stories or asked me to lug my books in on consignment.  Book talks have taken me from Carnegie to modernistic style libraries.  Different conferences have provided me with panel assignments that range from discussing cozy writing to whether writers have an obligation to include social issues. Other panelists have been New York Times bestsellers like Anne Perry or neophytes like me. 

Before I know it, this whirlwind will end. Hopefully, it will happen again in the future for another book, but even if it doesn’t, every aspect has been perfection.  I’m having a ball meeting new people, sharing ideas, and knowing that the written word still has an impact in this world. Thank you, the readers and my friends for making this possible. What more could I ask?


  1. Kaye George says:

    I guess you could ask for Delta to be on time for another one. But your whirlwind sounds thrilling and exhausting! I know that feeling of trying to figure out where the bathroom is when I wake up! I hope you recover quickly and that it was totally worth it!

  2. Deborah Holt says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying life! It sounds as though you have redefined perfection to include thankfulness.Happy travels.

  3. Candace Carter says:

    Congratulations on the success of your book! Loved your post. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying that crazy schedule. Looking forward to your next novel.

  4. Fran Godchaux says:

    Variety is the spice of life and you are one “hot mama”! Congrats on the successful tour. Guess it’s a mystery as to when we’ll see the next book??

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