Jumping Ship, But Not Overboard by Elizabeth Crowens

Stephen King has done it. J.K. Rowling has done it with a pen name. What am I talking about? When an author writes in more than one genre. I don’t consider The Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile as horror, and yet, they are probably my two favorite stories by King. Not quite Carrie, Christine, […]

The Perfect Watson: Finding a Memorable Sidekick by C.B. Wilson

Sidekicks can make or break a story. In a great mystery, the main character’s “helper” is as important as the plot itself. I mean, how else will the heroine find the killer without another viewpoint? This assistant needs to be loyal, supportive under duress, offer inspiration, have unique skills, and never, ever outshine the protagonist, […]


As the author of seven cozy mysteries, beginning to write a historical novel was like hiking an unexplored trail. A mystery writer constructs a fictional puzzle and uses small revelations and a bit of misdirection to build and maintain suspense – none of which seemed like the right tools to unpack for a historical World […]


More than once, I’ve come up with a great, dramatic scene, one that would make chills run up and down a reader’s spine or bring them to their knees in wracking sobs. And then some vital aspect of this scene, the perfect location or the perfect murder weapon or the evil villain’s physical condition turn […]

Should You Take a Shower with a Friend or Thank Your Local Weatherman? by Debra H. Goldstein

Today, February 5, according to the National Holiday Calendar, celebrates both Take a Shower with a Friend Day and National Weatherperson’s Day. On their face, they seem to be total opposites, but a little research almost comically can tie the two together. National Shower Day was created as a fun way to educate people about […]

Using Past Lives as Fuel – Meredith R. Lyons

I like to write stories with an element of fantasy or supernatural. I’ve tried to write “normal, real world” stories, but I always end up throwing in a ghost or something. I just run with it now. It may sound like I basically disagree with that old adage, “write what you know.” But I don’t. […]

Artificial Intelligence-A Gift or Return Item? by Linda Lovely

With the holiday gift season coming to a close maybe it’s time to decide if Artificial Intelligence is a present we should open. In a run-up to the holidays, Artificial Intelligence-AI-captured more headlines than Saint Nick as tech firms like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and X raced to debut their versions of interactive AI bots. The […]

My Wishes for 2024

May 2024 Bring You a Rainbow of Happiness.

The Bethlehem Writers Group and The Bethlehem Writers 2024 Short Story Award Competition by Marianne H. Donley

I’m a member of The Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC (BWG), a community of mutually supportive fiction and nonfiction authors based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-and beyond. We are as different from each other as our stories. While we started as a critique group and still meet three times a month to critique each other’s work, BWG also […]

PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS: What You Don’t Know About the Genre May Keep You from Reading a Great Book! by Lisa Malice

E.B. Davis is one the many amazing authors with whom I blog-share Writers Who Kill. Her November 15th post spotlighted my debut thriller, Lest She Forget, with an interview and a blunt admission-as a cozy and paranormal mystery writer, she was not a fan of genre and didn’t expect to enjoy my tale. But Lest […]

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