The Perfect Watson: Finding a Memorable Sidekick by C.B. Wilson

Sidekicks can make or break a story. In a great mystery, the main character’s “helper” is as important as the plot itself. I mean, how else will the heroine find the killer without another viewpoint? This assistant needs to be loyal, supportive under duress, offer inspiration, have unique skills, and never, ever outshine the protagonist, yet be interesting enough to advance the plot with an enlightening perspective. 

A study of legendary main characters and their equally legendary sidekicks, like Batman and Robin, Hans Solo and Chewbacca, and Sherlock Holmes and Watson, offered a few key personality traits. Loyalty, bravery, and intelligence topped the list. According to Webster’s Dictionary, that’s the definition of a dog. In my opinion, man’s best friend really is the perfect partner. That each dog breed has specific traits lead to an “ah ha” moment. Why not write a series of books focused on using those special canine characteristics to solve mysteries? Add a cat-person sleuth and the humorous, ironic, and sometimes poignant, Barkview Mysteries were born.

Easy, right? Fido checks all the appropriate sidekick boxes. Not so much according to the feline fancier Cat Wright, whose ear-ringing objections made me even more certain she needed a little puppy love. You see, she doesn’t hate dogs, she just prefers sleek, independent, and litter-box-trained cats. Which makes her the most unpopular person in Barkview, the self-proclaimed dog-friendliest city in America. In a town where designated leash lanes lead to hound playgrounds and every resident has a BFF (that’s a Best Furry Friend) except Cat, the certainty that a “right” dog exists for everyone is inescapable.  

With so many hounds to help and life lessons to learn, where does a circumspect cat lover start? Renny, the queen show dog Cavalier King Charles in Cavaliered to Death, causes Cat to reflect on the value of companionship. Gem, the German Shepherd in Shepherded to Death, who lives to protect, saves her life. The long list of canine collaborators educates as much as they entertain. Is there a “perfect”, permanent pup sidekick out there for Cat? Join the journey. Only time will tell.

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The award-winning author of the Barkview Mysteries series, C.B. Wilson’s love of writing was spurred by an early childhood encounter with a Nancy Drew book where she precociously wrote what she felt was a better ending. After studying at the Gemology Institute of America, she developed a passion for researching lost, stolen, and missing diamonds–the big kind. Her fascination with dogs and their passionate owners inspired Barkview, the dog friendliest city in America.

C.B. lives in Peoria, AZ with her husband. She is an avid pickleball player who enjoys traveling to play tournaments. She admits to chocoholic tendencies and laughing out loud at dog comics.

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  1. Good morning from Ottawa 🇨🇦 here in the capital of Canada we certainly enjoy having a sidekick to make our days more enjoyable whether trying to find something or someone it’s just great to read a mystery with a sidekick because it can add soo much more depth to a story. I you authors know it yourselves because more authors are writing in a sidekick whether a chicken, cat, dog or 🐬. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Kat

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