Guest Blog: Sneaky Interviews Debbie De Louise

Sneaky Interviews Debbie De Louise for It’s Not Always a Mystery

Sneaky the Library Cat from the Cobble Cove mystery series here interviewing my author, Debbie De Louise, about our books and her other writing.

Hi, Debbie. Thanks for agreeing to this pawsome interview. Even though I’m one of your characters, there’s a lot I don’t know about you. May I ask how you came up with the idea for our books and how you created me as one of the characters?

Hello, Sneaky. That’s a great question. I’ve always loved animals especially cats, and I like to read and write about them. When I came up with the idea for A Stone’s Throw, the first book of the series, I created Alicia, the librarian, as the main character and thought it would be fun to pair her with a feline sidekick. Even though Sneaky doesn’t live with Alicia, she sometimes keeps him at her house when the library is closed. They’ve also formed a special bond throughout the four books of the series as Sneaky has helped Alicia in various ways in solving the mysteries or being involved in them somehow.

Regarding how I came up with the idea for the series, it’s hard to explain. It just all seemed to come together. I actually didn’t plan on a series with the first book, but I grew fond of the characters and, like you, they seemed to take on a life of their own and inspired me to continue their story.

That’s pawsome, Debbie. What are your plans for the next book in the series? I know you haven’t started it yet, and I’m curious. I also really want to know if my role’s going to change at all. I realize you introduced a female kitty in the latest book, Love on the Rocks. I didn’t like her at first, but then we worked together on that nasty kidnapping and murder case.

Well, Sneaky, it’s true I haven’t started the next book yet, but I have some ideas. If you recall, Alicia was offered the position of Director of the Cobble Cove library at the end of Love on the Rocks. I don’t want to give any spoilers because some people haven’t read all the books yet, but there’s never a shortage of mysteries in Cobble Cove. As for your role, I don’t plan on changing it much. You’ll still be top cat in the series, so don’t worry. The only change I may make is to have Fido, Mac’s dog, have a larger role in at least one upcoming book.

Sounds good. I like Fido. He’s a cool dog. Is there anything else you’d like to say about the books or about me (I love compliments)?

I’d just like to mention that the four books of the series are all available as eBooks and also print copies. They are also free to subscribers of the Kindle Unlimited program. They’re nice, clean reads with a touch of romance and a bunch of quirky characters and pets. You can find them on Amazon, and the paperbacks are on sale from a variety of sellers.

Thanks for that info. I hope more people will try our books. They won’t be disappointed. Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers about the Cobble Cove mysteries or any of your other books, Debbie?

Yes, Sneaky. I have a character chat group on Facebook that’s hosted by one of the characters in my books each month. The January host is Oliver the cat from my mystery, Reason to Die. People can join the group at:

I also have a monthly author newsletter that I email with updates about my writing. This month, I’m featuring a newsletter survey for a $10 amazon gift card. Subscribers just need to fill out the survey before January 31. Here’s the link:
To subscribe to my newsletter, readers can complete the pop-up form on my website:

Last, but not least, you will be helping me host a special Valentine’s Day Paw-ty on Facebook with other cozy mystery authors. The paw-ty will take place on Friday, February 8 from 12 noon to 9 pm EST. The event link to RSVP is:

That’s purrfect, Debbie. Thanks for sharing our paw-ty. It’s been sweet as catnip chatting with you. I can’t wait to be in your next book. Maybe you should list your social media links so more readers can follow you (and please don’t forget the link to my purr-sonal blog at .

Great idea, Sneaky. Here they are:

Amazon Author Page:


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