A Parade of Caring by Debra H. Goldstein

A Parade of Caring by Debra H. Goldstein

Tonight, a group of my friends gave me a “get well quickly” parade.

As many of you know, I had foot surgery on Monday, June 1. Happily, unlike when my foot had to be rebuilt a few years ago, this was merely the removal of hardware and a minor adjustment, so recovery will take weeks rather than months. Friends have been wonderful lending me a scooter and bringing Joel and me meals.

With the pandemic, this has been an isolating experience. Most of the friends have made their drop offs at the door, but tonight was different. A group had one person trick me into believing she was running dinner to our home. Just before she was due, she gave us a heads up. I rolled to the door, with my mask on, to be positioned to thank her. Instead, I saw 8-10 cars drive around our cul-de-sac. Each parked and the driver got out, wearing a mask, and with my permission came in and sat six feet apart so we could visit. It was only 30 minutes and we had masks, but my mask couldn’t hide my smile, gratitude, and appreciation. These women took a moment to show their care for me —- I will never be able to express the extent of mine for them.

26 thoughts on “A Parade of Caring by Debra H. Goldstein”

    1. Judy, it truly was. With all the confusion of everything, I didn’t realize quite how much of a toll the past few weeks have taken until their gesture touched me. I smiled for hours, even after they left.

  1. Katherine Holom

    Happy to hear surgery and recovery are going well! That was a very kind gesture by your friends.

  2. What a fun and thoughtful thing to have done for you! I think we’re all needing to have an opportunity to actually see our friends in person – even at a safe distance. I’ll bet there was a lot of laughter and smiles all around. This is sure to help you heal faster!

    1. it really was a wonderful opportunity of joy for all of us. Things are so crazy that it is nice to know humanity and caring still exists. I hope that at some point we’ll get to visit again in person…..

  3. Cheryl Arcemont

    So glad to hear of your getting better with the foot. And what a wonderful gesture of your friends! So nice to KNOW you are cared for and shown how much you mean to them. Keep getting better! 💖

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