Friends by Debra H. Goldstein

Debra HeadshotFriends by Debra H. Goldstein

Friends? Girl Scouts and Brownies sing of making new friends but keeping the old. The TV show Friends highlighted friendship. Even the premise of the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, annually reminds us that “…no man is a failure who has friends.” Friends are lifelines, support systems, memory and laughter sharers, business door openers, and most importantly, folks who accept me for who I am. I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

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Debra H. Goldstein’s debut novel Maze in Blue received a 2012 IPPY Award and was reissued by Harlequin Worldwide Mystery in May 2014. Should Have Played Poker: a Carrie Martin and the Mah Jongg Player Murder Mystery will be released by Five Star Publications/Cengage in 2016. Debra also is an award winning short story and non-fiction writer. When it comes to her friends, enough said.

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  1. Hi, Debra —

    It was such a pleasure receiving your post about friends. Friends are wonderful, but friends that we make along our writing journey, who encourage us and give us some much needed advice and feedback, are so valuable. Thank you for including me on this distribution. You’ve been a good friend to many!


    1. It has been interesting to see here and on FAcebook how so few words about friendship can evoke a reaction. I’m touched and grateful. writing friends are especially special because our actual contact with each other is limited in terms of time and presence but leaps forward quickly by the emotions we share. Who else would we trust our “babies” with so quickly and be willing to share our thoughts with honestly with such limited contact? Grace, appreciate you very much!

    1. Kathy, the feeling is mutual. I felt I was getting to know you through reading each other’s blogs and comments….the Kaye told me more about you (including what a talented writer you are) and through the network of friends, I feel we have met. Hope we do in the near future.

  2. Debra, Sherry and I met in an online writing class several years ago and became internet friends through emails. We’ve seen each other through a births, marriages, online dating, surgeries and sadly, deaths. Three women reaching out to be virtual friends and richer for it.

    1. It is amazing how much has gone on in our lives In only a few short years….and yet we feel a part of it as if we were there….and we are for each other. I will never forget our visit in DC…where the words didn’t stop flowing, but even without it, we forged a connection. So glad the three of us took the class…and did the assignments all the way through .

  3. And email and Facebook and blogs have let us expand the definition of friends, not only to those nearest and dearest since high school (or before!), but also to new categories of people, including those who care about us and what we have to say even if we’ve never actually even met! Amazing, isn’t it?

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