Give me the Beach

I’m writing this from the beach. Ostensibly, I’m on a writing retreat, but while it is a time to hopefully zero in on finishing my newest work in progress, it is far more than that. It is a few days to visit with friends without being bombarded by family and civic responsibilities. And, for me, it is a time to recharge.

Something about watching white caps swirling on the top of the water as the water and the sky merge into one relaxes me. Observing the sun playing on the water lets my mind empty of the tensions of the day and be creative. Better yet, walking in the surf early in the day or near sundown gives me time to reflect on goals and dreams.

Some people find the mountains bring them peace, but not me. Give me the beach and water. What about you?

6 thoughts on “Give me the Beach”

  1. The beach is my favorite destination for a vacation. It revitalizes my mind and body. The beauty and the surroundings gives me hope. Walking along the shore and relaxing at the beach is perfect. I miss it everyday and long this ideal place. It soothes my heart and soul.

  2. I moved from the lower mainland to find safety for my child and myself it was only to be for a year or two but I was on the receiving end of a hit and run with a car and was in a coma for almost a year then bedridden for almost three years before I was able to sit up in my wheelchair by myself and by then all my savings were depleted and now I continue to live in Ottawa Ontario Canada away from the ocean and I miss it each and every day the enzymes that are carried from the ocean that soothe the soul and the white caps that take away the sorrows of the heart call to me but I also miss the mountains that crawl along the edge of ocean were I used to hike and forage for fiddle heads and all kinds of plants to bring life to my gardens. I found beauty and peace in both the ocean and mountains. Kat

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