Two Bites Too Many Released Today! – What Else Can I Say?


Two Bites Too Many Released Today – What Else Can I Say?

Things are finally looking up for Sarah Blair following her unsavory divorce. Settled into a cozy carriage house with her sassy Siamese cat, RahRah, she has somehow managed to hang on to her law firm receptionist job and – if befriending strays at the local animal shelter counts – lead a thriving social life. For once, Sarah almost has it together more than her enterprising twin, Emily, a professional chef whose efforts to open a gourmet restaurant have hit a real dead end…

When the president of the town bank is murdered after icing Emily’s business plans, all eyes are on the one person who left the scene with blood on her hands – the twins’ sharp-tongued mother, Maybelle. Determined to get her mom off the hook ASAP, Sarah must collect the ingredients of a deadly crime to bring the true culprit to justice.


  1. Sandra Spilecki says:

    Siamese cats are hilariously talkative. A friend had a bird that talked and a siamese cat. Every time the phone rang they would loudly talk to each other underneath the phone so that my friend couldn’t hear what was being said because they wanted all her attention. We would go to school to pick up our kids early so we could talk in peace.

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