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Sometimes a crazy week means the best one can blog is that one is surviving.  I’ve had that type of week for months, but this past weekend, I did something very special with the help of my husband.  I celebrated a birthday by having a day of doing nothing.  No obligations.  No one wanting me to do anything.  No promises to be anywhere.  It was delightful! 

I woke up to find the  most beautiful card and sweet gift from my husband, who had let me sleep while he went out to exercise.  He came home with breakfast for me.  Happy because I was fed and because he let me have the Sunday paper before he destroyed it (how he reads the paper is the stuff of another blog), I contently spent the rest of the day playing on my computer, reading, watching tv, accepting birthday wishes from my children, friends, and family and just smiling.  I don’t get days like this past Sunday often; but, when I do, it absolutely re-energizes me for the usual treadmill of life.  Debra

The winners from the Maze in Blue giveaway are Kathy, Pat, and Carole.  Congratulations!  Please send me your respective mailing addresses at to receive your signed copy of Maze in Blue.

Interested in my thoughts on “Crafting My Writing?”  Check out my guest blog on Lois Winston’s Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers:

Special thanks to Terry Ambrose for the interview about Maze in Blue and Debra H. Goldstein.  Read it at

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  1. Thanks Pat! The correction is made. Remember to send me offline your address as you were one of the winners of the Giveaway because of your cyberspace eaten comment about “Maybe I Should Hug You.”

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