MAYBE I SHOULD HUG YOU …… Debra H. Goldstein

When I turned 50, it was like a switch flipped and caused my knees to ache, my cholesterol to go sky high, and my upper arms to get a flabby chicken look. My kids gave me a bored look of sympathy, but my friends got it. No matter that we say 50 is the new …

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Guest Blog: Those Voices in My Head by Lois Winston

Two kinds of people listen to the voices in their heads — schizophrenics and mystery writers. I’m the kind who doesn’t talk back. Usually. I say usually because every so often it becomes necessary for me to argue with one of those voices, otherwise known as my characters. They can be very demanding. For instance, …

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The Bobbsey Twins and Agatha Christie

When I was a child, I was given a copy of The Bobbsey Twins of Lakeport by Laura Lee Hope.  It’s book jacket claimed “Ghosts!  Everyone agrees that the old Marden House is as haunted as a chimney on Halloween, but when there’s a mystery to be solved, the Bobbsey Twins, Bert and Nan, Freddie …

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LET FREEDOM RING!  July 4th, not the day independence was declared, but the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.  A day of trepidation for our forefathers who didn’t know if they would really see a free nation or would end up being hung for treason.  A day for celebration for us – freedom, a …


I Love Independent Bookstores!

I love independent bookstores.  I don’t think of them as being a salon of knowledge or a place to meet people and exchange ideas, I think of an indie as being a second home. Just walking into an independent bookstore and observing its physical layout excites me.  My senses become heightened.  I observe the number …

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